Irwin-Beck Funeral Home and Cremation Service, Inc.
175 North Main St
Spring Grove, PA 17362

General Services

    In today's changing world where many firms have been acquired by large corporations, we at Irwin-Beck Funeral Home are proud of our long standing tradition of personal service and independent family ownership. As the Spring Grove Area grows and prospers we are driven to stay abreast of the ever changing needs and various traditions of the families we serve. As "friends of the family," we are deeply saddened but honored to be called upon by our Spring Grove friends when the need arises.

  Our first priority is to encourage families to plan a funeral or memorial service in a manner that reflects their unique preferences and traditions. We encourage families to plan creatively by choosing the type of service and music that holds meaning for them, and appropriately reflects the life of the deceased. The quote "serving in celebration of life" holds great meaning for us and for those we serve.

  Our commitment is to remain understanding and sensitive to the financial concerns of each family. We offer a wide variety of choices for families which includes services with (or without) all religious faiths, and a selection of caskets, urns, and vaults that meets all desires and budgets. Funeral and memorial services can be held at our facility, at a church of choice, at a cemetery, or even in the privacy of one's own home. For those choosing cremation, memorial services can be held with or without viewing or casket. When death occurs away from home, Irwin-Beck Funeral Home will arrange for national and international transfers to the final resting place.


    Irwin-Beck Funeral Home is fully aware that the grief journey really begins when all the visitors have gone home. When families are alone to deal with their loss, grief becomes work and the road to healing is long. Recognizing each grief and loss experience as unique, we seek to support without intrusion and strive to respect family privacy.

    Helpful books, tapes and videos can be borrowed free of charge at any time and include such topics as general grief knowledge, self help and helping others, topics for and about children, teen death, suicide, grief during the holidays, and many more. In November, Irwin-Beck Funeral Home usually sponsors a free community program called "A Holiday Memorial" which addresses challenges associated with the first holiday season following a loss. Irwin-Beck Funeral Home maintains an ongoing list of local support services and can readily make counseling referrals if the need arises.