Irwin-Beck Funeral Home and Cremation Service, Inc.
175 North Main St
Spring Grove, PA 17362


    Irwin-Beck Funeral Home encourages families to preplan funerals just as one would plan for any aspect of life. Chris Beck and Bob Irwin are licensed Pennsylvania Life Insurance Agents and are available by appointment to counsel families wishing to establish prearranged and/or prepaid funeral plans. We're aware of the emotional difficulties that arise when entering a room full of open caskets, and so we have designed a separate facility that allows for more comfort during the planning process. Planning meetings are held in the relaxed and private atmosphere of our Funeral Planning and Resource Center located next to the Funeral Home.

    Families are welcome to call and visit our Planning and Resource Center at any time, where they can see a variety of funeral merchandise such as casket samples, vaults, and memorial stone samples, urns, burial clothing, memorial stationery, flower samples, keepsakes, and pet memorabilia. Irwin-Beck Funeral Planning and Resource Center has many items relating to grief and loss education, and offers a variety of free booklets, brochures, and videos addressing many aspects of death.